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it's local investing!

We want to teach you the fundamentals of how you can learn to make sound investments in your community.

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it's local investing

Investing in your own backyard seems like a no-brainer to most, but knowing if it's right for you is another story. Join us and your fellow neighbors as we dive in to the nuances of community investments.

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see for yourself

Come see a mock pitch and get your feet wet by asking questions, making decisions and learning from the experiences of others.

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It's also fun to...learn

what happened

Find out how advocates changed 85-year-old laws to help us get back to the roots of how our local economies were originally founded.

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watch a movie

Check out our video series to learn more about what local investing means for you and how to talk to your financial advisors.

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grubstake workshops

Join us and your fellow neighbors as we dive in to the mega-exciting world of community investing.

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The extra mile

On a snowy night in 2013, a few days before New Year's celebrations were to begin, the MILE Act was signed into existence. This new freedom made Michigan the 4th state to reverse laws that locked generations of citizens out of the opportunity to directly participate and benefit from the revitalization of their own community.

As of the end of 2018 there are now 35 states + D.C. that have made this historic move, many of which copied Michigan's law, because it was just that good.

MILE stands for Michigan Invests Locally Exemption. It allows companies in Michigan to raise capital from investors in Michigan. An update to the law even allows companies to solicit their raises online. To learn more about the MILE Act and how it works, check out this white paper that was written right after it was passed.

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Caring means sharing

Here are some other super-rad resources our friends have shared to fill your brain with more local investing knowledge.

Learn about the MILE Act, read some cool case studies, and get additional resource links specific to Michigan.

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A national clearinghouse for news, articles, and latest updates in the community investing movement.

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A list of providers to help you ready, set, invest locally.

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National Coalition for community capital

Information about community investing best practices, data, and upcoming events around the country.

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Helping investors identify local sustainable community ideas.

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Michigan Community resources

A wealth of guides that include general resources, as well as audience-specific information.

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The State’s tips for getting it right.

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In-depth resources and questions to evaluate your opportunities.

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with a little help from our friends

Educational initiatives are a team sport, and we want to thank this team for their dedicated and collaborative dispositions. Check out the team that's supporting community investing education in your state and send them a thank you note if the mood strikes you.

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